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Reddit Moderator Application

This is an application form to register your interest in becoming a moderator for the Lofi Girl Reddit. Submitting this form will inform those involved with selection that you are willing to be considered for the role.
You must be 18+ to be considered for the role.
We are looking for active members of the community, that are welcoming, kind, wholesome and mature. We look for calm and level-headed individuals to undergo the duties that come with the role. Candidates will be assessed on their ability to represent and embody the server as well as Lofi Girl as a whole.

Reddit Username

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Please list username.


You must be 18+. Lying about your age will disqualify any future application. If you're turning 18 soon, you may register your interest to be considered later

In which timezone are you located?

Which parts of r/LofiGirl and Reddit are you most active in? Where is it easiest to find you on r/LofiGirl and Reddit in general?

Have you received any infractions (warns/mutes) before?

If no, leave this blank. If yes, please state how many - you can elaborate on these if you need to.

What does this Reddit mean to you? What do you wish to improve?

What can you tell us about yourself?

You can use this space to tell us more about who you are, how the Reddit fits into your day, and give us an idea of what it's like working with you. If you know any additional languages, it'd be great to know here!

Why do you want to be a moderator?

What does the moderator role mean to you, and how would you use it to improve the Reddit? How have you helped the Reddit in the past? What makes a good team, in your opinion, and how would you apply this with your role? Do you have any previous experience?

What does Lofi Girl mean to you?

How did you find this Reddit? How long has Lofi Girl been a part of your life? Also tell us experiences you have with Lofi Girl outside of the server.
This application will notify us of your interest for the position, you'll be reached out to via Reddit if we find your application suitable.