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Lofi Girl Community Manager



As a community manager, you will serve as the face of the company and the liaison with its audience, and oversee the community on various platforms to increase brand awareness and loyalty. Be the first to know about exciting upcoming projects and be tasked with organising a variety of events to get the audience involved and engaged.


● Content creation for our target audiences on social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Discord, TikTok, Reddit, Facebook and Linkedin
● Planning and executing social media strategies to grow our social following and increase brand awareness, aligned with our marketing strategies
● Researching around the industry, including direct and non-direct competitors and staying up-to-date with digital technology trends
● Representing the face of the brand and being the first point of contact for fans, customers, etc.
● Writing emails
● Writing press releases to journalists
● Organizing events to increase brand awareness and engage the audience, eg. contests, giveaways, and teasers
● Using analytical tools to measure the success of social media strategies and reception
● Interacting and building long-lasting relationships with fans, customers (prospective and existing), and industry professionals through private messages, comments, emails and forums, about topics in the industry, products and brand
● Working closely with the sales department to stay updated on new products and marketing goals and organise posts for the merch pages
● Working closely with the label's artist & relations manager to help cater to the beatmaker community and organizing posts for the label's social media pages
● Working closely with the artistic director for creative input on social media post visuals
● Alerting the customer service team of any technical issues or concerns noted on social media, and following up with updates
● Reporting back regularly to the team with social media analytics, as well as feedback and suggestions of your own and from the community


● 2+ years' worth of experience in community/social media management
● Fluency in English
● Exceptional writing skills
● Efficient, organized and able to multitask and prioritise tasks
● Attention to detail
● Critical thinking, decision making and problem solving skills
● Ability to think on the spot
● Outgoing and social personality
● Presentation and communication skills
● Understanding of the target audience(s)
● Well-versed in content creation and copywriting
● Familiar with the Lofi Girl universe, including the channel's values, purpose, and reach
● Passion for lofi hip hop music


● Speaks French ● Graphic design skills (proficiency in photo/video editing programs such as Photoshop)