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Please fill out this form which Mini-Team you'd like to join! You can choose more than one. The Community Moderator will notify the results after 4-7 days.

Descriptions of the Mini-Teams

Please read the general details and extensive descriptions found here before choosing. They have been recently updated. 1. Team Community (2 month + experience) - Organizations of channels and pinned messages
- Filtering of ideas, suggestions, and feedback
- Keep the server updated with latest features and technology - Server Events
2. Team Moderation (2 month + experience)
- Filtering moderator candidates and applications
- Keeping moderator document up-to-date - Moderation Events
3. Team Relations (1 year + experience)
- Major Decisions/Difficulties Guidance - Review Ban Appeals
- Add/Remove Roles

Who are you?

Which Mini-Team would you like to join?

Which Mini-Team would you like to join?

Please rank your preferred team from most favorite to least favorite.