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Rejected Ideas & Suggestion

1. Language and International channels
Creating international channels where people could speak their own native language would be wonderful, however there are not enough moderators to monitor these places 24/7. Therefore, while it cannot be something realistically implementable now, it can still be an idea for the late future.
2. Debate channel
Debating various topics, including the most delicate ones, often leads to trouble if the conversations are not kept civilly. Although the majority of the debates are harmless, this often leads to other people enforcing their opinion on others, invalidating the other ones, and making inappropriate comments.
3. Politics channel
Discussing politics in the server, as much as current social themes, actuality, is tremendously interesting, however these topics often go controversial and lead to fights, misunderstandings, and an unwelcoming environment. We prefer to keep this place relaxing and friendly.
4. 18+ channels This is a family friendly, PG-13 community, and not-safe-for-work content is forbidden everywhere on the server. No channels of this kind will ever be allowed under any form.
5. Self-promotion channel The purpose of this server is not to allow people to promote their content as they wish. Self promotion remains forbidden under every circumstance.
6. Spam channel
It is not necessary, rather chaotic and does not fit our server rules at all.
7. Custom nicknames Custom nicknames for everyone, or either even restricted to certain levels, will not be accepted, as it would be too difficult to moderate and monitor names when users have permissions to change their nickname in the server.
8. Other color roles than levels The color of your name is determined by your level in the server. We prefer to keep this system, and instead temporarily implement color roles under specific events (e.g. Halloween, Christmas, Easter) to give the server a special vibe in occasion of festivities.